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Personal Care

The new cosmetology is "green"

Natural products. With the optimal aloe gel content.

With organic olive oil, honey extract & natural ingredients. Cosmetics with natural extracts from beneficial herbs of Kos & the natural magic of our organic aloe vera. The pandrosia natural hair, body & face cosmetics offer deep cleansing, intensive hydration, rejuvenation and freshness, anti-ageing action instantly soothing, nourishment, stimulation and protection.

NO: parabens • propylene glycol • paraffin oil • colorants

Dermatologically tested.

Protects, deep cleans, Moisturizes, revitalizes, stimulates. For shiny, silky hair. Nourishes & hydrates. Ideal for damaged hair.

€ 14.56

Moisturizing, tonic, soothing, deep cleanses, gives freshness, invigorates & hydrates. Ideal for sensitive skins.

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It protects, radically restores weak and damaged hair, helping them find their lost luster and softness. Moisturizes & restores Ideal for damaged hair.

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Moisturizes deeply soothes immediately and activates cell renewal. Ideal for damaged skins. Moisturizes & nourishes.

€ 14.89

The pandrosia natural bar soap for everyday use has been specially formulated with the valuable benefits of Aloe vera and olive oil for cleansing both body and face and is suitable for every skin type. It has a pleasant fragrance

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Protects, deep cleans, Moisturizes, revitalizes, stimulates. Ideal for damaged hair.

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Moisturizing, tonic, soothing, deep cleanses, gives freshness. Ideal for sensitive skins.

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With organic aloe vera, it regulates the aqueous balance of the cells and acts against the first signs of aging.

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Προστατεύουν, καθαρίζουν βαθιά, Ενυδατώνουν, αναζωογονούν, τονώνουν. Ιδανικά για ταλαιπωρημένα μαλλιά.

€ 18.8

Ενυδατικό, τονωτικό, καταπραϋντικό, καθαρίζει σε βάθος, χαρίζει φρεσκάδα. Ιδανικό για ευαίσθητα δέρματα.

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