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Pandrosia and us

Pandrosia and us

Hippocrates, Aristotle, Aloe vera, and the search for a better life. It all begins in Kos.

In such a fast paced world, we often feel as if starring in a movie running on fast forward. Fast success, fast communication, fast food, and ultimately insufficient care of ourselves and of those we love.

Today, the secret of true wellbeing has gained global significance. We now realise it is hidden in the words of the Ancient Greeks: the search for balance, harmony, health and ultimately happiness. The father of medicine Hippocrates had emphasised this thousands of years ago from his homeland, the ancient island of Kos.

A newcomer in organic cosmetology and nutrition. A unique, more natural, attractive and healthier lifestyle is here. It comes from Kos, Hippocrates’ land, to offer a well-rounded proposal for wellbeing, and aims to set sail for the rest of the world.
Pan - Drosia
Pan from the Greek Παν meaning everything or all is used here in reference to health, wellbeing, beauty and happiness. Drosia from the Greek Δροσιά meaning freshness refers to the refreshing, regenerating and rejuvenating properties of Aloe vera, which can offer us a holistic, remarkable, new way of life.
All the natural and organic products formulated and prepared by pandrosia center on raw organic Aloe vera gel of superior quality, and are at present, the ideal proposition for health, beauty and wellbeing for us and for all those we love.
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