02 July 2021
# Είπαν για εμάς
Ευχαριστούμε πολύ το KOULLIAS HOTELS GROUP Author: Anda Karayanni, Praxis Plus

Koullias Group - pandrosia: Products inspired by the simplicity of nature

Pandrosia inspired by the simplicity of nature
We introduce Pandrosia. A brand inspired by Hippocrates in creating a range of natural skin care products and organic foods. Today, the secret of true wellbeing has gained global significance. We now realize it is hidden in the words of the Ancient Greeks: the search for balance, harmony, health and ultimately happiness.

Pan-drosia, the origins of the name:
Pan from the Greek Παν meaning everything or all is used here in reference to health, wellbeing, beauty and happiness. Drosia from the Greek Δροσιά meaning freshness, refers to the refreshing, regenerating and rejuvenating properties of Aloe vera, which can offer us a holistic, remarkable, new way of life.
All the natural and organic products formulated and prepared by Pandrosia center on raw organic Aloe vera gel of superior quality, and are at present, the ideal proposition for health, beauty and wellbeing.

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