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Payment methods

1. By credit card:

You can pay securely using your credit card through the payment gateway of the National Bank of Greece. By using this method all the data of your credit card are securely processed by the National Bank of Greece and does not access or store your data in any way.

2. By Paypal:

PayPal allows you to pay directly and automatically encrypts confidential data with the best technologies on the market.

3. By depositing in a bank account:

National Bank of Greece
IBAN: GR 690 110 383 00000 383 004 87204
* In the Bank Deposit Form you should write your Name or the order number.
** In cases where the deposit is not made within two days from the day the order is given, then the order is automatically canceled by the system.
*** The cost of bank supply is borne by the Customer.

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