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absolutely natural care
Complete line of body and hair care products contain organic Aloe vera gel, combined with organic olive oil and honey.
A family business - a sound,
"green" company
The many devoted hands are the great protagonists in the practice of cultivation, production and processing of the Aloe vera plant.
wholesome recipes
A host of exclusive and creative creations that embrace the secret.
Our homeland
Pyli (Pili), Kos.
A green, fertile plain with certified cultures of superior organic Aloe vera plants in the centre of the island.
About us

Φυσικά προϊόντα με βιολογική αλόη βέρα

Στην pandrosia καλλιεργούμε βιολογική αλόη βέρα στα κτήματα μας στην Κω, το νησί του Ιπποκράτη, και τη χρησιμοποιούμε για να δημιουργήσουμε μια σειρά φυσικών προϊόντων διατροφής και περιποίησης.
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Enjoyable wholesome recipes, handmade by the Drosos family. We produce our homemade jams and chutneys in traditional pots which stirred with care and allowed to simmer away unhurriedly...
The new cosmetology is “green”. Liquid soap. Bar soap. Shampoo. Handmade cosmetics with natural ingredients from the ancient traditions of Kos meet with the power of our organic Aloe vera.
Pandrosia. A family business – a sound, “green” company. The Drosos family has deep roots in the beautiful island of Kos. Paul Drosos is a man who has a special relationship with the natural environment of his homeland.
Wellness, Health and Beauty for all. This is the vision that drives our every step. And the road to its attainment lies in the creative combination of the miraculous properties of organic Aloe vera with those of the rare natural heritage.
Our mission is to create the most effective combinations of organic Aloe vera cultivated by our family, with the valuable plants and herbs of our homeland. Plants and herbs recognised for their healing.
Hippocrates, Aristotle, Aloe vera, and the search for a better life. It all begins in Kos. In such a fast paced world, we often feel as if starring in a movie running on fast forward. Fast success, fast communication, fast food, and ultimately insufficient care of ourselves and of those we love. Today, the secret of true wellbeing has gained global significance. We now realise it is hidden in...
Discover Aloe vera The "magical plant of immortality", with a history of over 4.000 years Aloe vera. An ancient medicinal plant. The Aztecs, Egyptians, Greeks, Indians, Chinese, and Persians used this miracle plant for its considerable medicinal qualities. In ancient Greece, doctors used it in most of their formulas. Aristotle had introduced this therapeutic plant to Alexander the Great and had...
All Pandrosia products are based on superior quality organic gel from Aloe vera plants cultivated organically on our estates in Kos, and do not contain the slightest trace of impurities from available imported aloe concentrates. Through our innovative and secure methods, we have been able to find the delicate balance which allows us to extract large quantities of gel whilst maintaining high...
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